Let's Get Wisconsin Working Again

Interview with Jonathan Wichmann,
Business Growth Specialist,
2022 Gubernatorial Candidate

Wisconsin Eye Campaign 2020


We must balance our state’s budget without raising taxes. This will be challenging post COVID-19. We will need to set priorities and make tough decisions. I am committed to reigning in government spending, incentivizing job creation and streamlining regulations. People are expected to live within their means. I believe government must do so as well.


I have worked with small and large businesses and know firsthand how important it is to cut unnecessary, job-killing red tape. Now is the time to lead the recovery from the economic damages caused by COVID-19. To do this requires that the government work with – not against businesses while protecting individuals and the environment. Our state needs to do everything it can to help businesses grow, create jobs and succeed. A successful economy benefits every economic level.


I have taken the Taxpayer Protection Pledge not to raise your taxes, and I will keep that promise. To do this, I will work to get our priorities straight and cut wasteful spending.

I will also fight to keep reasonable taxing and spending limits on schools and governments. I believe going beyond limits should require voters to approve any tax increases. You know how to spend your hard-earned money better than government. I support voters weighing in what they are willing and not willing to pay for.


It is now time to Get Our Students Back in School!  Education and worker training are key to today’s workforce and tomorrow’s future. Education and training help people get good paying jobs. Good paying jobs mean better lives for all Wisconsinites!

I will fight for more state funding for K-12 schools in our area and advanced training programs for the jobs of tomorrow. Leveraging my business training experience, I can increase school performance for outstanding results.


Using my extensive experience with business process improvement, I will work to ensure that healthcare costs are held in check and perhaps reduced. I believe the state can foster this by introducing innovation and best practices from other business sectors into healthcare. Doing so will increase the quality of healthcare and the length of life for the people of the 28th Senate District. I also believe people should know what medical procedures will cost before they use them.

Gun Rights

I support the Second Amendment. People have the right to protect themselves, their homes, and their property.


I am a Pro-life Republican Polish American Catholic. Every life matters.